Rotbäckchen is a German fruit juice brand with more than 60 years of history. It has a strong market presence in Germany and indeed a popular brand locally. However, its international recognition was very limited. In Germany, it’s positioned as fresh juice blend with enriched vitamins, categorized as a beverage, or nutritional supplement.
When entering China market through CBEC platform, its branding strategy shifted. Rather than using its traditional image of fruit and beverage, its marketing campaign emphasized its nutrition addictive, iron, to compete in the baby nutrition supplemental product market, a gray area between medication and food.
Compare to medical iron addictive to improve iron deficiency anemia, a common dysfunction suffered by young children in China due to diet structure, its taste is much better with its fruit base. The ingredient is also reassuring, with no sugar or preservative or flavour, right in the sweet spot of concerned mothers who care most about food and medication safety issues. Also its German background comes with a strong impression of reliable, safe and precise.

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