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Product trial

The Chinese market is vast but it is also saturated with competing brands and products. It is advisable to test your product in China before breaking into its market to understand what works and what does not.

What is product trial?

Product trial or testing is conducted to find out how well a product will perform in a specific market. The goal of a product trial is to learn about how the local market respond to your proposed product.

Why test your product in China?

The Chinese market is unique and has demands and preferences that differ greatly to other countries. A product that is doing well in your country may not necessarily work well in China.

Launching your product on a small scale in a representative market in China as a product trial can help you gain insights into features that work and does not work for the Chinese market. These may include functional features and aesthetic features of your product.

These insights can help you make appropriate alteration decisions to your products and/or marketing strategies that is tailored to the Chinese market. Moreover, product testing can help you identify the potential risks and opportunities pertaining to your product’s development and introduction. Results from the product trial and feedback obtained from Chinese customer are also key to defining your product planning and price positioning.

From a marketing perspective, product trial is especially important for businesses that are just entering the Chinese market, and are unsure which products to promote. Your business may involve many products, but it is not necessary to promote all kinds of products. The product trial will help you understand the specific products and markets that are aligned with Chinese consumers’ habits and preferences, and will aid in determining your business’s brand promotion and marketing strategies.

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