DSM - Success B2B marketing in China case sharing

B2B marketing promotion has been more challenging in China:
1. The product is complex and not easy to speak clearly
Speaking human words in B2C is better to excuse, in B2B marketing is a different story. Too light, not professional enough
Too heavy, boring and people do not understand.
2. Less marketing resource
B2B enterprises pay more attention to obvious or traditional marketing effect, such as, paid AD, exhibition etc. They want to be converted into orders. 

Today's case comes from DSM, a century-old Dutch company.
DSM is an ingredient supplier with a relatively wide range of businesses: supplement, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
DSM has a marketing campaign for 2020 called "Products with a Purpose".

This campaign is a great example of B2B marketing, and I've summarized 3 points :
1. Creativity
This set of posters perfectly reflects the core communication point "you see the product, and we see the purpose behind the product".
The posters are designed in a "reveal" way, half of which is the product and the other half is the benefits that people get after using the product.
·Behind the Sports Functional Drink is an energetic life;
·Behind cold medicine is a cozy family life;
·A quality senior life behind nutritional shakes.
2. Calls for empathy
It's been said that it's hard for B2Bs to empathize with their audiences. Indeed it is.
DSM does because it no longer focuses its marketing on the "what" of the product, but rather on the "why".
For example, the one for Nutritious Rice shows a group of children living in difficult conditions happily playing soccer on a humble field.
DSM uses this to appeal, "We see a lack of nutritional survival, and we can't improve these poor conditions without you."
Sincerity leads to empathy.
3.CTA Call to Action
The last line of the poster copy is all about a call to action, log on to the website PARTNER WITH DSM, NOW.
B2B marketing must be done to quantify results. A marketing should not only win the IMPRESSION, but more importantly, it should be able to bring in customers.
This was also revealed in the DSM's subsequent marketing campaign summary, where the ROI of the campaign exceeded the brand's expectations. It seems customer acquisition results were achieved.
Finally, to summarize.
B2B marketing promotion, visual content to get empathy, the mind in the interests of users, never forget call-to-action.
In addition, creativity is important, creativity is important, creativity is important.

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